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A good recipe for home cooking doesn't always work out when you attempt to replicate it in the restaurant. Startup restaurateurs find out quickly that a recipe intended to yield four, six or even 10 servings might not be practical when feeding dozens or even hundreds of guests -- every day.
Find healthy, delicious recipes and menu ideas from our test kitchen cooks and nutrition experts at EatingWell magazine.
The Recipe Source is one of the best recipe databases around including a large selection of recipes and helpful tools such as categories and text search.
Real recipes from real people! A great site that is easy to browse.
A good recipe database that although not as fancy as other sites, still provides a large, searchable database of recipes.
Share recipes with others, view and save your recipes online. Seek advice from your fellow cooks. Plus a chat forum to talk about everything from your favorite restaurants to the best whisks.
The American Culinary Federation, Inc, (ACF) is the premier professional chefs' organization in North America, with more then 240 chapters nationwide and 19,000 members. ACF offers culinarians of all ages, skill levels and specialties, the opportunity to further their career, as well as enhance their life.

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